Marching Once More

North Carolina's World War II Experience

How do you tell the story of an entire state’s contribution to World War II? That was the assignment and it seemed daunting. Yet, after months of digging through research and writing numerous drafts, the answer was so simple: let the people who lived through it tell their stories. And so we did.

From a child’s perspective and that of a young wife anxiously waiting for news of any kind. From a banker who jumped out of an airplane over Normandy and a replacement soldier who stumbled into a concentration camp. From a Marine who saw comrades die on the beach at Iwo Jima and a nurse who cared for the wounded. And from a sailor who served the entire war on a battleship named after his home state, they and others simply told their stories. In doing so, we better understand not only a state and its people, but a time and a generation who responded when their country needed them.

Personally, it was an incredible opportunity to meet folks who feel they did "nothing special;" yet, who inspire with their resilience and determination to ride out the storms they endured.