Thank You Eddie Hart
Underwriter BB&T Underwriter Kilpatrick Stockton

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* Portion of proceeds goes to Wounded Warriors

Thank You Eddie Hart

It is ironic, but appropriate that the seed for Thank You, Eddie Hart was planted on Thanksgiving Day, 2000, when a friend suggested over dinner that I hear her mother-in-law's intriguing story. I listened as 76 year-old Betty Vrancken described how in 1946, she adopted the grave of an American soldier who was buried near her hometown in Holland, promising to visit several times a year and take fresh flowers. She told me she made this commitment because she was so grateful to the American military for fighting for and returning her freedom after four long, hard years of Nazi occupation. Even though Betty recounted events that had occurred fifty-five years earlier, it was clear that her commitment to this soldier and her appreciation for the gift of freedom were as strong as ever. When she finished, I knew her story need to be told.

Thus, the journey began on that chilly November afternoon — a journey that would soon include a team of talented individuals who were as moved as I was. We all grew in some way from the experience — from the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of those on the front lines of history who were part of events that changed the course of each and every one of our lives. To us, this documentary offers further proof that they truly are the 'greatest generation.' We hope that you are also moved.