Marching Once More

Sing Behind the Plow

From the time that John C. Campbell married his bride, Olive Dame, they shared a dream: to improve the quality of life in Appalachia while preserving its rich traditions. After traveling the region in a wagon, both realized that education – a non-competitive folk school - was the answer, but John died in 1919 before he was able to do anything about it. Olive Dame determined that she would and in 1925, the John C. Campbell Folk School opened its doors in tiny, rural Brasstown, North Carolina.

It wasn't easy. The school weathered the Depression, World War II and Olive's retirement back to her native Massachusetts, but it managed to survive. Today, over 80 years later, the John C. Campbell Folk School welcomes students from all over the world, teaching them a variety of traditional crafts, music, dance and so many other things simply for the sheer love of learning.